Virginia Logistics Research Center
A Commonwealth Center for Applied Logistics Systems

The Crater Region is in the process of establishing the Virginia Logistics Research Center (VLRC), A Commonwealth Center for Applied Logistics Systems. The VLRC is being established to provide industry with transformational improvements in the design and analysis of logistics systems for government, commercial, consumer, and emergency applications. The VLRC will be located in a specially designed facility near Richmond, VA, USA and will develop solutions that significantly improve the ability to move goods and services from the point of creation to the point of consumption.

The Mission

The VLRC mission is to create transformational improvements in the quality and cost of logistics systems to solve practical problems for industry and government. The VLRC provides a bridge over the well known gap between fundamental research and commercialization by creating a pipeline of new technologies, and the corresponding educated workforce flowing from universities through the VLRC and into commercial practice for the betterment of society.

The Vision

The VLRC will be a global center of excellence in logistics research and applications. It will be the cornerstone of a Logistics Innovation Zone that will make the Central Virginia Area the preferred location for companies providing logistics solutions. The confluence of defense logistics operations, university assets, commercial logistics solution providers, and the VLRC will make the Central Virginia Area the nexus of logistics activities.

Research Focus

The research focus of the VLRC will be on the integrated logistics system and its economic cost and dependability. The underlying technologies that will be used and developed to support the VLRC research focus include modeling and simulation and global public policies and practices.

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Program Contact

Mark Manasco
Interim Executive Director
(804) 861-1666 x234


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